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The Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) brings together 40 industry, government, and research partners from ten countries with expertise in aquaculture, marine renewable energy, and maritime engineering.

Through targeted and industry focussed research and training, the Blue Economy CRC paves the way for innovative, commercially viable and sustainable offshore developments and new capabilities that will see significant increases in renewable energy output, seafood production and jobs that will transform the future of Australia’s traditional blue economy industries.

The Blue Economy CRC, in partnership with the Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and MERA, is supporting the deployment of a prototype version of the M4 (“Moored MultiModal Multibody”) in King George Sound, Albany.  This project will demonstrate wave energy’s potential to power the aquaculture industry and enable an ecosystem of other surrounding activities.  These include development of a test site/market demonstrator and academic research in multiple fields and institutions.

See details of the project:  Seeding Marine Innovation in WA with a Wave Energy Deployment in Albany