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Infrastructure Albany

The Albany node of Marine Energy Research Australia hosts key research staff and students in the Oceanography / Coastal Processes and Hydrodynamics / Wave-Structure Interaction programs which require regular marine field operations. The GSMRF serves as a prime launch pad for these operations, to deploy and maintain marine monitoring instrumentation. In addition to office and meeting space for MERA members and other UWA marine researchers, the facility offers access to field equipment and study sites.

As MERA headquarters, the GSMRF is also the main conduit for public engagement and school outreach. The entrance area of the facility, named “Wooyan Gaba Room” – meaning “Blue Ocean” in the language of the local Noongar-Menang people – is used for special events and educational opportunities, and invites conversations between researchers with interested community members, educators and stakeholders. Printed and audio-visual information material from a range of marine science and ocean engineering initiatives is available for perusal.